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Important Notice – Misleading Websites About NCCAOM or its Diplomates

The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) does not accredit any colleges or institutions. The NCCAOM does not have a formal affiliation or licensing agreement with any colleges or institutions. The NCCAOM is aware that misleading and inaccurate information has been posted on certain websites claiming a special relationship between the NCCAOM and some non-government approved institutions. The NCCAOM has ordered these institutions to remove the misleading and erroneous information from their websites but some of this information is still found on the web. If you see such claims on any institution’s web site, please send the website link to Irene Basore at so that the NCCAOM can take appropriate action. Thank you.

Graduates from an international academic educational institution must first apply to either the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) or the World Education Services (WES) for a course by course educational transcript evaluation. Foreign credentialing agencies do not “approve” foreign educational institutions but rather determine whether a school is recognized by a foreign governmental agency, such as a Ministry of Health or Ministry of Education.

The applicant’s education will be reviewed using the NCCAOM international education standard as set forth in Route 2 found in the NCCAOM® Certification Handbook. For more information please review the Eligibility Requirements information for International Education

WES   ▼  

To apply to WES for a credential evaluation on-line, applicants should go to Note that WES must receive the applicant’s documents as specified in the scroll-down menu at for the particular country where the applicant attained their degree/diploma. One evaluation will be sent to the applicant and the other to the U.S. organization indicated on the application. (Please request it is sent to the NCCAOM). WES typically completes its credential review within seven business days after receipt of the WES application and documents according to In some cases, WES may have to contact a particular school abroad for verification of documents, and this may necessarily extend the length of the equivalency review..

To send documents to World Education Services please use the following addresses:

By Postal Mail: By Express Courier
World Education Services World Education Services
P. O. Box 5087 64 Beaver St. #146
Bowling Green Station New York, NY 10004
New York, NY 10274-5087 USA

The foreign education review process typically takes 8 weeks to complete; however, the NCCAOM does not guarantee this time frame. Please note that your application for NCCAOM certification is valid for four years from the date it is received by NCCAOM. NCCAOM will not begin the review of your application until we have received your completed evaluation report from WES. Please wait until notification from the credentialing agency that the foreign education review is complete before submitting the NCCAOM application packet to NCCAOM.

When Your Foreign Education Review evaluation is completed:

  • Submit your notarized application for certification to the NCCAOM.
  • Request that your school send an official transcript directly to the NCCAOM.
  • Submit a notarized copy of your graduation certificate/diploma (the NCCAOM will accept copies of certificates and Diplomas with a raised seal sent directly from your school or notarized photocopies of certificates and diplomas from the applicant.

Please note that all official transcripts must be sent directly from the school you attend.

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