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All NCCAOM Certification applicants must meet specific training requirements prior to sitting for the examinations.

Eligibility requirements to become authorized to test and certification requirements which must be fulfilled before certification can be awarded are two different elements in the certification process.

Examination Eligibility Requirements (U.S. Education) ▼   (Click to Read)


Once your application is approved and you have been issued an Authorization to Test letter, you will not be required to meet any new eligibility requirements that may have been adopted since your application was received.

Eligibility Requirements (International Education) ▼

Please be aware that the NCCAOM does not accredit nor approve any colleges or institutions.

Applicants using this route must have graduated with a degree/diploma in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, or Traditional Chinese medicine from academic institutions outside of the United States that meet the following requirements:

A.  Approval by a foreign government’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, or equivalent foreign government agency,

When government oversight / approval is not established,

B.  Approval by an international private accreditation agency that has an accreditation process and standards comparable to that of the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), and that is recognized for that purpose by the appropriate government entity in that country,


C.  Approval by an acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine (AOM) professional society, association or organization that sets AOM education standards which are comparable to that of ACAOM, is recognized for that purpose, and has an enforcement arm to ensure standards are met and maintained.

International educational programs attempting to meet the eligibility requirements under A, B or C above must ALSO be deemed to have equivalency in total hours and distribution of hours as required by ACAOM standards at the time of application.

Graduates from an international academic educational institution must first apply to World Education Services (WES) for a course by course educational transcript evaluation.

To apply to WES please follow the steps below:
1. Apply online at wes.org. (document requirements by country are found at www.wes.org/required)

For additional information please visit WES’s website.

Certification Eligibility Routes ▼

Certification Requirements


Eligibility Routes

Please be aware that every candidate is required to meet all certification requirements in place at the point of certification. Therefore, each candidate must meet any new certification requirements that may have been added since the application was approved.

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