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Examination Preparation and Administration:

The Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology certification programs each have a NCCAOM® Examination Study Guide which contains all of the examination preparation materials in one document. This includes: the NCCAOM Examination Administration Frequently Asked Questions; and suggested bibliographies and the examination content outlines for each examination. In addition, NCCAOM staff has created Suggested Study Tips and Strategies for candidates preparing to take the NCCAOM exam(s).

Click here for information regarding changes to the Acupuncture with Point Location exam administration for 2015-2016.


Reinstatement Exam Content Outlines


Acupuncture Certification


Chinese Herbology Certification


Oriental Medicine Certification

The NCCAOM® Examination Study Guide(s) can be ordered for your convenience.

Exam Content Outlines ▼

The content outlines below should be used by candidates who are taking an NCCAOM examination on or after February 1, 2016.

Expanded Content Outlines

Abbreviated Content Outlines

Reinstatement Examination Content Outlines

NCCAOM Examination Score Validity ▼

The NCCAOM exam(s) results (pass or fail), achieved by candidates during the certification process are valid for eight years towards achieving NCCAOM certification. Any exam score earned more than eight years prior to completing the original certification program must be re-taken.

The NCCAOM will honor requests, to have exams scores sent to state regulatory agencies, from individuals who do not complete the certification process after eight years or allow their NCCAOM certification to terminate (remain in lapsed status for three consecutive years). The examination results will be sent qualified by a disclaimer, notifying the state licensing agency that any examination taken more than eight years earlier are no longer valid for NCCAOM certification nor are examinations over three years old valid for NCCAOM reinstatement of certification.

NCCAOM Comprehensive Examination Statistics Report ▼

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