NCCAOM IS Going Paperless

NCCAOM has created a vision to take our business into the paperless future! The environmental impact of paper production, processing, and distribution as well as the business costs and efficiency losses of using paper has been a major driving factor for us.

Throughout 2017 – 2018, NCCAOM will be partnering with technology experts to ensure that this process is a smooth and seamless transition and there will be several notifications and updates regarding this initiative. We encourage all of you to start preparing for the move toward a paperless environment by visiting our website and becoming familiar with our online application process.


Effective November 15, 2017, paper applications for NCCAOM certification and recertification will no longer be accepted. All candidates who have not yet applied for initial certification and Diplomates who have not yet applied for recertification, will be required to complete an online application. Under exceptional circumstances paper application will be provided at an extra administrative processing fee of $100. A paper application may be requested by emailing

The NCCAOM is moving forward with paperless application submission in an effort to increase processing efficiencies, reduce risk to our applicants and Diplomates, and help the environment.  After completing the online NCCAOM Recertification Application, Diplomates  should email a copy of their PDA certificates and recertification supporting documentation to The subject line of the email should contain the Diplomates first and last name, NCCAOM ID number, certification program and expiration date.

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