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Throughout the past several years, the NCCAOM has partnered with other national acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) organizations to advance NCCAOM Diplomates and AOM through marketing, regulatory affairs, research, and public relations. The benefit of the collaboration has been more recognition of the AOM profession so the advantages of this medicine may one day be accessible to all who seek it. The NCCAOM also remains committed to educating consumers about each of its certification programs and the thousands of Diplomates who have demonstrated national standards through NCCAOM certification.

The fact sheets below were created to provide information on each of NCCAOM’s certification programs so that consumers can make informed decisions on the quality of care that they receive when seeking acupuncture and Oriental medicine treatment. The NCCAOM Commission and staff hope that you find this information beneficial.

The NCCAOM® Certification in Acupuncture Fact Sheet

The NCCAOM® Certification in Chinese Herbology Fact Sheet 

The NCCAOM® Certification in Oriental Medicine Fact Sheet 
The NCCAOM® Certification in Asian Bodywork Therapy Fact Sheet 





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