Welcome to the NCCAOM® Exam Preparation Center

At NCCAOM, we place a high value on helping you become as prepared as possible for the National Board Exams. We want you to walk out of the real exam confident and knowing that your time preparing with NCCAOM was a worthwhile!

The Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Chinese Herbology certification programs each have a comprehensive NCCAOM® Candidate Preparation Handbook containing all the information a candidate (approved applicant) needs to prepare for the NCCAOM exams. In addition, the NCCAOM Exam Content Outlines are available in English, Chinese and Korean language for each module. Please click the appropriate tile below to access Exam Content Outlines and Preparation Handbooks.

Official NCCAOM Practice Tests™ now available: Practice makes perfect, and we can assist you with that goal! Frequency, accuracy, and reinforcement of practice exams are needed. Test your readiness for testing by simulating the format and flow of the real exam using the only practice tests available with questions developed using the same methodology as the exam itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do these practice tests help to prepare for the exams?
To help you prepare for the NCCAOM board exams, our Official NCCAOM Practice Tests™include::

  • Exam questions that reflect current Content Outlines, the same level of difficulty and the same design as real exams
  • Ability to take a test anywhere, at any time, as long as internet access is available
  • A feedback report with a final score at the end of a test, which summarizes your readiness for each exam content subsection
  • The price listed next to each test includes one online test session. You will only be allowed to take the practice test ONE TIME for each payment made
2. Do I have to complete the practice test in one sitting?
Yes. Your test session is timed and you will have 1 hour to complete your practice test. This design is similar to the NCCAOM Board Exam administration.
3. How do I access my practice test?
Purchased practice tests can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available by clicking Purchase Practice Tests above and logging into your Learning Management System Account (look for login link in the upper left corner).
4. How many questions are on the practice tests?
The multiple-choice practice tests include 50 questions. The NCCAOM is working diligently to increase the number of questions to 100 by the end of this year, i.e. a second set of practice exams.
5. Can I retake the practice test multiple times?
NCCAOM practice tests are designed for one-time use. Once you submit your test for scoring, you will not be able to access the test again. You will only be able to view your feedback report.
6. Does the practice test tell me what answers I got wrong?
The multiple-choice practice tests do not provide feedback for each exam question. A test score as well as a diagnostic breakdown, in each domain area are provided at the end of the practice test.
7. How can I get help if I have technical difficulties?
If you have technical issues please send email to practicetests@thenccaom.org and we will get back with you.