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What is New in PDA in 2017?

PDA Program Fee

The NCCAOM® is announcing an adjustment in the PDA fee schedule. The new fees will go into effective on Monday, February 6, 2017. Fees include the review of the course application and, if approved, posting of the information to the PDA Search Engine for one year. Click here for an updated pricing information.  

The Professional Development Activity or “PDA” program was created as NCCAOM’s department of continuing education. The PDA program provides an avenue for NCCAOM Diplomates to earn “PDA Points” (CEUs) for participating in recognized programs that apply toward NCCAOM recertification requirements. In turn, the NCCAOM PDA Department partners with individuals and organizations to provide these quality education programs.


Approved Courses


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Program Review Process and Applications

Step 1 – Become a PDA Provider ▼ (Click to Read)

PDA Providers represent a significant achievement and commitment to the professional development of Diplomates and the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession. NCCAOM accepts continuing education sponsors as “PDA Providers” who, in turn, are allowed to issue PDA Points (CEUs) to program participants. PDA providers may also utilize the NCCAOM PDA logo in advertising and have their approved courses posted on the NCCAOM PDA Search Engine. Sponsors may apply to become an NCCAOM PDA Provider by emailing an NCCAOM® PDA Provider Application to pda@thenccaom.org. The sponsor is required to meet and abide by the NCCAOM® Code of Ethics and the NCCAOM® Grounds for Professional Discipline. The NCCAOM®PDA Department and Provider Agreement and the NCCAOM®PDA Product and Service Disclaimer must be agreed to and signed by the sponsor. Please refer to the NCCAOM® PDA Handbook, What’s New in PDA, and NCCAOM® PDA Fee Schedule to obtain the latest PDA policy updates and news.

Step 2 – Submit a Program for PDA Approval ▼

The PDA review process is a paperless system. The appropriate NCCAOM® PDA Application, required documents, and review payment are emailed to the PDA Department at pda@thenccaom.org. The PDA applications are available below according to program type and designed to be saved to the provider’s computer for completion. Forms and templates for required documents are also available. Program reviews take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Click here for the NCCAOM® PDA Fee Schedule. Expedited reviews are available at an additional fee. Please see the NCCAOM® PDA Handbook for more information on the program approval process.

Step 3 – The PDA Program Review ▼

PDA providers receive the benefit of a professional program review service that documents the quality and integrity of an AOM continuing education program. The PDA Department works closely with the providers to review each course to assure it meets compliance standards. Program applications are reviewed in the order they are received by the PDA Department. Incomplete applications or missing payments postpone the process and may seriously delay the 4 to 6 week turn-around time frame. PDA providers are notified by email as to the outcome of the review. An appeal process is available to providers and outlined in the NCCAOM® PDA Handbook.

Step 4 – NCCAOM Approved PDA Programs ▼

NCCAOM approved courses make an important statement regarding continued professional competency that is recognized by the AOM profession, regulatory agencies, third-party payers, and the public. NCCAOM PDA approval includes the recognition by a national certification board, the use of the PDA logo in advertising, and posting of courses on the PDA Search Engine for a one-year period. An NCCAOM Certificate is emailed to the provider for distribution of PDA points to the participants. Visit the PDA Search Engine to see how programs are promoted and accessed by Diplomates and the public.

The NCCAOM PDA Search Engine houses all of the NCCAOM approved courses. The search engine allows providers to promote their programs to Diplomates and the public who are assured the courses meet NCCAOM recertification requirements.

PDA Applications and Forms ▼

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