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Pulsynergy Made Easy: Part I

Provider Name: Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine - eLotus
Provider #: 0344
Provider Telephone: 626-780-7182
Provider Website:
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Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang, Ph.D., MCM (China), L.Ac.
Type of Program:
One-Day Live Presentation
Program Description: In part I of this three part series, Dr. Chang explains the fundamentals of pulse taking, including the precise cun, guan, chi locations, finger positions, and organ correlations. In addition, Dr. Chang covers the Wu Zang Mai (Five Organ Pulses), the body's original 'normal' pulses, which represents the exemplary physiological functioning of the body's organs; the Liu Qi Mai (Six Qi Pulses), the pulses which identify distortions to the body's homeostasis due to exogenous factors, such as dryness, cold, dampness; and the Liu Bing Mai (Six Pathological Pulses), the pathological pulses in accordance to a yin and yang framework.

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