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Patterns of Disharmony III - Patterns of the Ba Gang/Eight Conditions

Provider Name: The Whole Circle
Provider #: 0319
Provider Telephone: 410-948-6615
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Jack Daniel, M.Ac.(U.K.), Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)®, L.Ac.
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Distance Learning or Online
Program Description: This course series builds on the 'Zang/Fu and The Officials' Series. While it does stand on its own, as does the Zang/Fu Series as well, it is recommended that they be used sequentially; 'Zang/Fu and The Officials' first, 'Patterns of Disharmony' second. Part III of this series is an exploration of the Patterns according to the Eight Conditions (Ba Gang). This course represents the core of Jack M. Daniel’s vision of the congruence of Yin/Yang and the Wu Hsing. Come join us as we penetrate to the heart of Jack’s detailed discourse on the essence of whole-person Chinese medicine: 'Symptoms and Signs Constitute the Shadow of the Disharmony.'

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