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The NCCAOM is committed to assisting its Diplomates and candidates by providing them with the latest information on state licensure requirement for the practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM). Currently, 43 states plus the District of Columbia require the passage of the NCCAOM examinations or NCCAOM certification as a prerequisite for licensure. This means that 98% percent of states that regulate acupuncture require NCCAOM examinations for licensure (please see state maps below). All of these states recognize the psychometrically sound system of examinations that NCCAOM has developed. These states have elected to use NCCAOM’s testing instrument while continuing to regulate and license practitioners in their state according to their own eligibility requirements and procedures.

Acupuncture Licensure Requirement   ▼   (Click to Read)

Although a majority of states require the NCCAOM examination or certification, each state regulatory board carries unique requirements for licensure. As a service to our Diplomates and candidates, a table of requirements for each state can be viewed by the clicking link below. In addition, this table provides the contact list for each state regulatory agency. Although NCCAOM regularly updates the information contained in table, the NCCAOM does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. State rules and regulations are subject to change; therefore, you should always confirm current requirements for licensure with your state board

State Licensure Requirement Table
States Using NCCAOM Certification or Exams

Number of Licensed Acupuncturists by State ▼

The NCCAOM has worked with state licensing agencies to collect information regarding the number of licensed acupuncturists each state currently has. Please see the most recent information that the NCCAOM was able to collect.

Number of Acupuncturists Provided by State Licensing Boards
Number of Active Diplomates Per State

Chinese Herbology Licensure Information   ▼  

In addition to the requirements stated above, more and more states are adding the practice of Chinese herbology to their scope of practice. As a result, the NCCAOM is working with some of these states to add the requirement of the NCCAOM certification in Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology for those who practice herbs. Below is a map reflecting the current status of states that have added Chinese herbs to their scope or practice.

States with Scope of Practice for Chinese Herbology

Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) Licensure Information   ▼  

NCCAOM also monitors legislative activity related to Asian Bodywork Therapy certification requirement. The map below illustrates the states that recognize the ABT Certification and/or examination.

States Using ABT Exams

Exam Results and State Verification   ▼   

As a requirement for state licensure, NCCAOM sends direct verification of exam results to states once a request has been made by the Candidate or Diplomate by submitting an Exam Results and State Verification Order Form. Please check your state’s specific licensure requirements before submitting this form.

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