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New_Harmony_BrynThe NCCAOM®, with assistance from Schroeder Measurement Technologies, conducts the only national Job Analysis surveys of the acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) profession.

To ensure that NCCAOM certification examinations are valid, i.e. the content of the exams accurately reflect what acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioners do on the job, it is necessary to conduct surveys these practitioners to document the tasks they are performing. A Job Analysis (JA), also known as a practice analysis, also uses the collected demographic and clinical practice characteristics of NCCAOM Diplomates to provide the content validation for the current NCCAOM examinations. Best practice in validation of examination content is to perform a JA a minimum of every five years. The NCCAOM released previous JA reports in 2008 and 2003 which are posted on the NCCAOM website. (Click here for the 2013 Job Analysis Report)

The primary purpose of a Job Analysis is to update the examination content outlines to reflect current practice of an entry-level practitioner in the profession of AOM. Since the field of AOM as practiced in the U.S. is evolving, it is extremely important to continually review and update the content of the examinations. Please see the newly updated 2014 NCCAOM® Exam Content Outlines for each of the NCCAOM examinations.

In addition to assuring that the content for NCCAOM certification examinations is based on current practice, the JA also provides a snapshot of the profession of AOM as it is being practiced today. The NCCAOM plans to provide updated demographic and clinical practice characteristics information from its most recent 2013 JA in by the end of 2013, which will be featured on this page. The 2013 JA was the first time NCCAOM also surveyed licensed acupuncturists who are not NCCAOM Diplomates, such as non-NCCAOM Diplomate acupuncturists practicing in California.

Utilizing some of the demographic and clinical practice characteristics of the 2008 JTA, the NCCAOM presented a poster at the Society for Acupuncture (SAR) Conference titled “Practice Characteristics of NCCAOM: Diplomates: Implications for Ongoing Research, Curriculum Design and Continuing Education Activities” in 2010. In addition, NCCAOM Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kory Ward-Cook, presented some of the demographic and practice characteristics results of the 2008 JTA in the presentation “A National Practice Analysis of Traditional East Asian Medicine” at the American Public Health Association (APHA) conference in 2008.

Click here for the 2013 Job Analysis Report
Click here for the 2008 Job Analysis Report
Click here for the 2003 Job Analysis Report

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