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NCCAOM® is continually seeking high profile experts and broad thinking people in the fields of Acupuncture, Oriental medicine, Chinese herbology, and Asian bodywork therapy to serve on committees. Normally the NCCAOM looks to its volunteer base when considering potential new Board members.

Committees, Taskforces and Panels are established by the BOC (Board of Commissioners) to assist them in governing more efficiently. The Board establishes standing committees. Committees assist the Board by investigating, deliberating, and analyzing special issues on behalf of the Board. Committee initiatives allow for the majority of the Board’s work to take place between meetings which further allows the Commissioners to focus on the strategic goals and critical decisions of the organization. Occasionally taskforces or panels are created for a very specific time-limited purpose. A Taskforce is an ad hoc committee assigned by the Board of Commissioners to research a specific initiative. A special advisory group assigned by the Board of Commissioners to research/discuss a specific topic is considered a panel.

Examination Development Committees (EDCs) are established to provide exam development services and examination standard setting. Members of the NCCAOM EDCs serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who offer their professional expertise in developing the NCCAOM Examination Item Banks, and assist with determining the minimum passing score for all examinations the NCCAOM offers.

For information on the NCCAOM volunteer policies, committee charges and responsibilities, as well as position descriptions the following volunteer resources are available:

Please contact the NCCAOM Executive Office for more information on becoming an NCCAOM volunteer.

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