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Welcome to NCCAOM’s Press Center. This section of our site is devoted to providing information to reporters and other interested parties. If you are a reporter, you will be able to access all information about the NCCAOM in one place to assist you in your research.

The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization established in 1982. The NCCAOM is the only national organization that validates entry-level competency in the practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) through professional certification. NCCAOM certification or a passing score on the NCCAOM certification examinations are documentation of competency for licensure as an acupuncturist by 46 states plus the District of Columbia which represents 98% of the states that regulate acupuncture.

Who We Are

To assure the safety and well-being of the public and to advance the professional practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine by establishing and promoting national evidence-based standards of competence and credentialing.
Acupuncture and Oriental medicine provided by NCCAOM credentialed practitioners will be integral to healthcare and accessible to all members of the public.

Testing Excellence

Our organizational mission drives us to produce valid and reliable measurements of competence in AOM practitioners who seek certification from us.


Public Protection: We are committed to safeguarding the public from practitioners who have not demonstrated their competence.
Public Benefit: We are committed to making available to the public reliable information that will help them to enjoy the benefits of health services from competent AOM practitioners.
AOM Practitioners (Diplomates): We are committed to improving the reputation for excellence of AOM practitioners who have demonstrated competence through our certification processes.


We are committed to upholding basic societal norms of truthfulness and honesty in all our organizational words and deeds.


We are committed to promoting an organizational environment that allows those who work for NCCAOM to rely on one another to accomplish the tasks required by our mission. We maintain the same commitment in our joint activities with other organizations with whom we collaborate for the betterment of the AOM community.


We are committed to acting responsibly to advance the interests of the AOM community through our certification process. We understand our leadership to be inseparable from our mission of service to the public and to the AOM community.


Volunteerism: We are committed to engaging AOM practitioners in the activities necessary to keep our certification exams and processes relevant to the state of the art of AOM.
Support: We are committed to being a responsible corporate member of the larger community in which we live.

What We Do

Certification/ Recertification 45%
NCCAOM Exam Development 40%
Continuing Education 15%