We Are Listening


As the NCCAOM Board and staff prepare to celebrate the festivities of the Holiday Season and upcoming New Year, we pause for a moment to look back at our 2011 activities related to supporting our Diplomates. The year 2011 was a year of evaluation and analysis of our Diplomate and candidate services. We are very appreciative of our Diplomates who took the time to complete the 2011 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey, which was conducted this past summer. Through this survey, our staff was able to obtain valuable qualitative information on our Diplomates’ level of satisfaction with our programs, publications and services, as well as receive your helpful comments and suggestions. Your feedback empowered us to improve existing services and also to create a few new services to better assist our Diplomates to promote their certification and to advance the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession.

This year’s Diplomate Satisfaction Survey results not only had the highest Diplomate response rate as compared to previous surveys, but the results showed an overall improvement in all customer service categories from previous surveys. We attribute this good news to be a result of the staff’s commitment to continuously improve our email and telephone response rates and to NCCAOM’s management who continuously strive toward an even higher goal of excellence in customer service. As a result of our commitment to our Diplomates, it is crucial that we hear from you if you encounter a problem or an issue that needs to be resolved or if you have a positive experience that you would like to share with us. You can reach us through the NCCAOM website at https://www.nccaom.org/contact-us. You can also view the results of the 2011 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey through the NCCAOM website.

As we take time to rejoice in the past, we wish to unveil our plans to serve you in the upcoming year through this issue of the Diplomate E-News You Can Use. Here are some of the new services for Diplomates that NCCAOM is introducing in 2012 that have resulted from your requests or input provided through the Diplomate Satisfaction Surveys and through personal conversations with the NCCAOM staff. We are listening!

1. Retired Status: Diplomates who are retired from practice or who are permanently disabled can now apply to convert from active Diplomate status to retired Diplomate status for a very nominal fee. Diplomates who qualify for a retired status can now show that they have achieved the designation of NCCAOM®Diplomate, Retired.  For more information, please the 2012 NCCAOM® Retired Designation Handbook, which will be posted on the NCCAOM website in January 2012.

2. Reinstatements of Former Diplomates in Terminated Status – Due to a growing number of requests by former NCCAOM Diplomates who wish to have their certification reinstated, the NCCAOM is working to develop a new route for former Diplomates in terminated status to return to active Diplomate status. We hope to have this route ready to implement by January 1, 2013. Please watch for specific information regarding this new route for certification reinstatement on the NCCAOM website, in next year’s the Diplomateand future NCCAOM e-newsletters.

3. Enhanced Practitioner Listing in the NCCAOM Find a Practitioner Directory:  Consumers can now search for active Diplomates by country, which means that international Diplomates will now be featured within the NCCAOM website “Find a Practitioner” tab. Earlier this year, we added a feature whereby one may search by zip code and proximity in miles to better locate Diplomates in each city through our Diplomates’ recommendations.

4. New and Improved NCCAOM® Recertification Handbook: The NCCAOM will be unveiling a revised 2012 NCCAOM® Recertification Handbook early next year. The revisions are in response to your requests to simplify explanations of the requirements, documentation, and process for recertification.  Please watch for posting of the 2012 version of this handbook on our website in January 2012.

5. Redesign and Launch of the NCCAOM website, www.nccaom.org: The NCCAOM website was re-launched early last year. The goal of the newly designed website was to feature an improved look and feel with more user friendly features. In 2012, a new section will be available featuring news, upcoming events and other information for Diplomates to promote themselves and their practice. In addition, a new state relations activities section will be added to the website.

6. More Exclusive Diplomate Webinars: In November 2011, the NCCAOM presented the first Diplomate Webinar designed to inform Diplomates how to utilize their certification to bring maximum value to their pratice as well as to the profession. The NCCAOM will continue to provide interactive webinars for the benefit of Diplomates. Diplomates who missed this well-received webinar can go to the following link: https://www.nccaom.org/nccaom-webinars-posted to view and listen to the complete recorded webinar and to print a copy of the presentation.

Those of you who are nearing the deadline for renewal of your certifications will receive a new survey, the Diplomate Demographic Survey. This important survey will be used to assist in tracking the growth and practice characteristics of active NCCAOM Diplomates. A link to the survey will be provided in the email sent to each Diplomate upon completion of the recertification process. We encourage you to complete this survey for your benefit and to the benefit of the AOM profession. The NCCAOM will use the results to advance the AOM profession through federal recognition by agencies such as the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Also, all Diplomates that complete and submit the survey will have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for a free recertification. 

The NCCAOM hopes that you will benefit from these services. We shall remain available to hear your suggestions for changes that will benefit you, the Diplomate, and the AOM profession overall. It is with your feedback that we can continue to meet your needs.

The Commissioners and staff of the NCCAOM wish each one of you a peaceful and joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Kory Ward-Cook, Ph.D., CAE, MT(ASCP)
NCCAOM Chief Executive Officer