NCCAOM staff, along with the strong support of the Board of Commissioners, is deeply committed to the high standard delivery of our services. This has played out not only with our efficient and convenient exam administration, but also with our higher level of customer service in all other areas. The entire organization is continuously striving to proactively outreach to our NCCAOM stakeholders. What has assisted us with the process is the feedback that we have received from Diplomates, candidates, applicants, school representatives, volunteers and national organizational leaders. Their input has been extremely valuable in assisting us with providing the next level of service to exceed above and beyond the needs of each of our stakeholder groups. This process has most importantly enabled us to reach out more than ever before by listening and implementing comments and suggestions to improve NCCAOMservices and products.

In February, we launched the new NCCAOM website and asked for feedback from the community that we serve. We received suggestions from Diplomates on how we can better optimize our Find-a-Practitioner Directory by creating more search options such as search by certification type and adding a radius to zip and city searches. These suggestions were directly put into action by our IT team and now consumers can find NCCAOM Diplomates utilizing five different fields including certification type and city/zip radius.

In an effort to continue to build on existing services as well as add new ones, we encourage you to participate in the upcoming 2011 NCCAOM® Diplomate Satisfaction Survey. This survey is the fourth satisfaction survey that the NCCAOM has conducted since 2005 and it is our desire to always reach a higher level of satisfaction from our Diplomates with each new survey. This is why it is crucial for us to hear your voice through the survey process so that we can continually strive for excellence in service. All active Diplomates should have already received the NCCAOM 2011 Diplomate Satisfaction Survey by email. We are pleased that in the first week of the survey we have received over 900 responses. We thank these Diplomates for taking the time to respond so quickly to the survey. The constructive feedback that we have been receiving is setting the groundwork for us to improve on existing services. We encourage those Diplomates who have not yet participated in the survey to please share your comments with us so that we can continue to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. We plan to announce the results of the survey in the next edition of the DIplomate newsletter in the summer months. Please contact Mina Larson via our Public Relations contact page if you have any questions about the survey process.

Again, it is important for me to point out that none of our accomplishments would have been possible without your comments and suggestions. I want to personally thank all NCCAOM volunteers and our partner AOM organizations who have worked side-by-side with the NCCAOM Commissioners and staff to achieve a new standard of excellence for the profession. Your contributions and support are very much appreciated by all of the NCCAOM community.

Kory Ward-Cook, Ph.D., CAE, MT(ASCP)
NCCAOM Chief Executive Officer