You can help promote H.R. 3133, the Acupuncture for our Seniors Act, without attending a Hill meeting or even speaking a word! Through the NCCAOM advocacy platform, acupuncturists, patients, acupuncture students, allies, and senior citizens can message their U.S. Representatives by email and/or Twitter in a matter of a few minutes!

You can contact your U.S. Representatives by using your cellphone or following the links provided below—both will take you to the same campaigns.

Contact your U.S. Representative with your Cellphone:

Text any of the bolded words below to 52886:

Acupuncture (Acupuncture Campaign)

Student (Student Campaign)

Acupuncture Patient (Patient Campaign)

Acupuncture Senior (Senior Citizen Campaign)

Acupuncture Ally (Ally Campaign)

Contact your U.S. Representative with your Computer:

Click the link most appropriate to you below:

Questions? Contact [email protected]