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NCCAOM and Echo Media Group, a PR and marketing communications agency, are working hard to increase the awareness of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and the visibility of the NCCAOM certified Diplomates. Below, you can find detailed monthly status updates on our Public Education campaign activities.

Campaign Status 2019

January Highlights:

Total Mentions


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January Projects:

  • NCCAOM Rebranded Website Press Release
    To promote the rebrand of the NCCAOM website, Echo developed an official press release that highlights the organizational rebranding of NCCAOM that includes a fresh, contemporary look for the NCCAOM website, logo and service marks for each area of certification.
  • PR Initiatives with Heather Douglas
    In January, Echo continued a conversation with Heather Douglas that supports the development of a media pitch tailored to highlight the use of acupuncture by veterans. Heather provided NCCAOM with recommendations for veterans who can provide testimonials advocating for the use of acupuncture to help with health ailments and issues.
  • Introduction to Esther Moux
    NCCAOM made the connection between Esther Moux and Echo, in which the two will work together on a public relations initiative designed to promote qualifications for NCCAOM Diplomates within the Department of Defense. In addition, the collaboration will support a Brain Awareness Month event in March focusing on the work that is done at the traumatic brain injury clinic at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.
  • Interview with Honolulu Civil Beat
    Echo coordinated an interview between Mina Larson and John Hill, an Investigations Editor at Honolulu Civil Beat. The interview addressed industry standards, professional ethics, and the disciplinary committee.