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NCCAOM Diplomates practice all across the country, and each state has its own system for governing the acupuncture profession. NCCAOM works with our Diplomates and state-level organizations to monitor developments in the states and inform our Diplomates of relevant changes. Our state-level work includes licensure requirements, scope of practice laws and any other legal or regulatory changes that affect the profession.

Forty-seven states (and the District of Columbia) have practice acts in place to define and regulate the practice of acupuncture. Of these, 22 require NCCAOM Board Certification to issue an acupuncture license. Twenty-six more use NCCAOM examinations as at least a portion of the licensure requirements. NCCAOM believes in the importance of the NCCAOM Board-Certification process and our examinations as a demonstration of achievement, quality and competence in the practice of acupuncture. Our state-level advocacy work continues to focus on the improvement of state licensure requirements to protect patients across the country, and we work closely with state governments to provide information and support for any developments with acupuncture practice acts.