Jacksonville, FL and Bethesda, MD – The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®) and the American Association for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) are pleased to join in the promotion of National Herbal Medicine Week from May 1-7, 2012 sponsored by the AAAOM, in recognition of the diversity of all ancient and modern herbal traditions worldwide. National Herbal Medicine Week is a time of year when practitioners, consumers, and organizational leaders join in the opportunity to share their knowledge and highlight the strength of this gentle and effective treatment. As one of the first medicines used to treat ailments, herbal medicine continues to be used safely and effectively by many fully trained practitioners world-wide for a variety of conditions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Herbal medicine practitioners combine the best of modern science and thousands of years of clinical effectiveness to help patients relieve many health conditions.

Thousands of practitioners in the U.S. have invested their talents and expertise to improve their patients’ health through herbal medicine. Many health problems can be effectively treated by using traditional herbal remedies. According to WHO, these include high blood pressure, digestive disorders, gynecological disturbances, fatigue, insomnia, infertility, among other ailments. Herbal medicine is also recognized as being a safe potential adjunctive therapy to help mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Herbal remedies come in a variety of forms and are available from many different vendors; it is crucial that consumers seek the care of a certified and licensed practitioner who has received extensive education and training in the practice of herbal medicine in order to achieve the most optimal results. The AAAOM and NCCAOM® recommend seeking the advice of an NCCAOM® certified practitioner of Chinese herbology or Oriental medicine or a state licensed practitioner with specialized training in herbal medicine before using Chinese herbs to improve their health.

“When prescribed herbs by an NCCAOM® certified practitioner, one can be assured that the practitioner has the education and expertise to help you achieve your medical goals safely and effectively,” stated NCCAOM® Board Chair David Canzone. NCCAOM® Diplomates of Chinese Herbology and Oriental Medicine can be found through the NCCAOM® website by going to Find a Practitioner on the home page. National Herbal Medicine Week is an opportunity to encourage dialogue to dispel any misconceptions about herbal medicine as well as explore the many benefits of this time-proven and effective medicine,” stated AAAOM President Michael Jabbour. “National Herbal Medicine Week is a chance for the public to find out more about this important topic directly from the experts.”