NCCAOM Receives Registration for Certification Trademarks
by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Jacksonville, FL – NCCAOM is pleased to announce that it has received registration on all four of its Diplomate certification trademarks from the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO). This registration means that only active NCCAOM Diplomates can exclusively use these credentials to identify and promote their certification. In order to ensure proper compliance of USPTO registration laws and regulations, NCCAOM Diplomates should now list their NCCAOM credentials exactly as they appear below:

“It is important that all NCCAOM Diplomates proudly and properly display their credentials to their patients, peers and the public as they symbolize an achievement and distinction only met through active NCCAOM certification”, stated Dr. Kory Ward-Cook, NCCAOM Chief Executive Officer. As these certification trademarks are now protected under USPTO law, any individual who does not hold an active certification by the NCCAOM and uses the above credentials is in violation of federal laws and can be subject to sanctions. For more information, please contact Mina Larson.


NCCAOMs mission is to establish, assess and promote recognized standards of competence and safety in acupuncture and Oriental medicine for the protection and benefit of the public.