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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is incredibly fast-paced and fluid, with new information emerging daily, NCCAOM is doing everything it can to help all constituent groups nationwide to continue their critical missions and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as safely as possible.

The NCCAOM is taking extra ordinary measures to accommodate its candidates during these ongoing uncertain times. In order to provide our test-takers the most flexible options for scheduling their NCCAOM exams once Pearson VUE test centers open, and anticipating the possible continuation of test center closures due to the spread of the COVID-19, the NCCAOM is expediting implementation of the year-round adaptive exam administration to begin May 18, 2020 based on the 2020 content outlines.

Offering the exams in adaptive format allows candidates access to year-round testing, no exam registration deadlines, preliminary results are provided at the test center, and expedited exam results delivery to state licensing Boards (upon candidate request). In addition, adaptive testing allows for more precise measurement of candidate ability using fewer questions than traditional linear exams. Candidates who take the adaptive format are taking an exam that is tailored to his/her ability level. This methodology results in providing a higher accuracy across a wider range of ability levels and accurate scores over a larger range of abilities, where traditional examinations are set to measure accuracy for average examinee. Another advantage of using adaptive format is that less time is needed to administer than using a fixed length format (i.e., linear) because fewer items are needed to achieve acceptable accuracy. Testing time is reduced while using adaptive which aids in maintaining comparable levels of reliability.

The NCCAOM has also canceled the administration of the 2020 Chinese and Korean language exams due to the inability to predict the number of candidates taking these exams along with the ability to offer them in other countries because of the unpredictable, imminent, ongoing  coronavirus (COVID-19) situation going on across the world.