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NCCAOM Inactive Status

An NCCAOM Diplomate, who is experiencing a life changing circumstance and is not practicing as an AOM professional, may qualify for inactive status. Inactive individuals may return to active status at any time during the inactive period, provided all current recertification requirements are documented.

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Coming Back From Inactive Status

1.  Inactive Status Qualifications:

  • Applicant for Inactive Status must be an Active NCCAOM Diplomate.
  • Reasons accepted for Inactive status include situations affecting life circumstances (i.e., personal, family, medical, etc.).
  • Diplomates may not be practicing as an AHM professional during the Inactive period.

2.  Inactive Status Terms:

  • During Inactive status, the Diplomate loses all benefits and services of NCCAOM Certification including the use of the term Diplomate, the NCCAOM designations, posting of the NCCAOM Digital Badges, etc. The Diplomate Newsletter continues to be delivered to Inactive statuses.
  • Inactive status is valid for a period of two (2) years. Any time during the Inactive period Diplomate may come back to Active status through recertification process.
  • If the Inactive Diplomate does not return to Active status after the two (2) year Inactive period, they are moved to Lapsed status and will owe an additional 45 PDA points (105 total) and a $150 lapsed fee in addition to recertification fee. If the Diplomate does not return to Active status within one (1) year following Inactive status, their NCCAOM certification is terminated.
  • Inactive statuses may not apply for a second, consecutive period of Inactive status.