PDA/ CEU Points Required
for Active Certification Renewal

Sixty (60) PDA points or CEU credits are required in a four-year NCCAOM recertification cycle. PDA points may not be submitted twice during a recertification cycle nor may they be carried over from one cycle to another.

NCCAOM Diplomates are responsible for reporting all PDA/CEU credits completed during the recertification cycle in their online portal by clicking “Report CE” link. All PDA/CEU credits must be reported no later that 6 weeks from the recertification application submission date.

Click here for short instructions on all PDA/CEU reporting processes.

Attention NCCAOM Diplomates

To ensure automated reporting of approved PDA points for PDA approved courses to the NCCAOM® Recertification Transcript, all NCCAOM Diplomates must enter their first and last name and their NCCAOM ID number as recorded in their Certification account when registering for a PDA approved course. The NCCAOM ID# cannot contain any characters, letters or leading zeroes,
it may have from 3 to 6 digits only.

Mandatory: Core Competency PDA points are awarded for active learning that is earned in a classroom or e-learning environment in specific areas. One PDA point is equal to one hour of instructor-led learning. Visit the NCCAOM website to find courses approved by the PDA program.

Diplomates are required to complete a CPR course plus a minimum of 30 PDA points/ CEU credits in Core Competency coursework in the following areas. All 60 points may be earned in the Core Competency section.

Coursework Type Mandatory Points required
Core Competency:
Safety (SA)
Ethics (ET)
CPR Certificate
min. 22
min. 2
min. 2
Professional Enhancements
Total Points Required:

CPR Requirement:

Either a 4-hour online CPR course or a face-to-face CPR course is acceptable for NCCAOM recertification and must be completed within the 4-year recertification cycle. A certificate of completion or a CPR card should be manually reported by Diplomates’ to their NCCAOM Recertification Transcripts for 4 PDA Points.

Optional: Professional Enhancement (PE) consists of coursework (CW) and activities (AT) that can be mixed to complete the 60 PDA points required for NCCAOM recertification. Remaining PDAs from the Core Competency section may be applied to the PE-CW category.

PE-CW Coursework: Live presentations or distance learning courses accepted.

PE-AT Approved Professional Activities are listed below