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The NCCAOM strives to deliver key information related to COVID – 19 to all constituent groups.  We hope these resources are of value, and if you have a resource to share, please contact us at [email protected]!

This map is brought to you by the joint effort of American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) and NCCAOM to provide information on State Regulations in regard to COVID-19 mandates.

Point to the state to view State Summary

Click on the state to open COVID-19 State Order

The ASA is recommending that our practitioners implement a COVID-19 Patient Notice and Acknowledgment Form. Every practice and health care facility, whether open or temporarily closed, should consider creating and implementing such a form.

The American Acupuncture Council has provided us with sample documentation. Please note that the AAC form is a sample document and not required for their subscribers. If you contract with a different malpractice insurance carrier, please contact them for their COVID-19 Consent to Treat form.

PDA provider Program Type Date Time Presenter Course Title
553 Webinar 4/24/20 12 pm ET Jennifer Tongren Hou Po Ma Huang Tang
553 Webinar 4/27/20 12 pm ET George Mandler Xiao Xian Xiong Tang
553 Webinar 4/29/20 12 pm ET Sharon Weizenbaum Wei Jing Tang
553 Webinar 5/1/20 12 pm ET Candance Jania Sheng Mai San
553 Webinar 5/4/20 12 pm ET Shara Rivkin Wu Ling San and Chai Ling Tang
553 Webinar 5/6/20 12 pm ET TBA Ma Huang Lian Qiao Chi Xiao Dou Tang
803 Podcast Katherine Berry, BHSc TCM, MSc Research Coronavirus (COVID-19) and You: What Acupuncturists Can Do
553 Webinar Alison Taylor; Natasha Wilch; Lorne Brown https://healthyseminars.com/Jane Adding Telehealth to Your Practice
553 Webinar Bebra Betts; Kate Levett; Emilie Salomons; Claudia Citkovitz Virtual consultations for your Pregnant Clients: Building a Community Practicde
553 Webinar Susie Hayes Tming the Unbridled Thought in Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression
553 Webinar Sharon Weizenbaum Classical Chinese Herbal Principles in Action in Response to COVID-19
Website Info WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: Advice for the Public

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

How to Make a Mask (sew or no-sew) 

Burr Forman LLP: State-by-State Face Mask Requirements [May 15, 2020]:

State-by-State Face Mask Requirements

New York Times [April 10, 2020]:

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