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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do these practice tests help to prepare for the NCCAOM Board Exams?

To help you prepare for the NCCAOM board exams, our Official NCCAOM Practice Tests™ include:

  • Test questions that reflect the current Content Outlines, the same level of difficulty and the same design as the real exams.
  • Ability to take a test anywhere, at any time, as long as internet access is available.
  • A feedback report with a final score at the end of each test attempt, which summarizes your readiness for each exam content subsection (domain).

2. Do I have to complete the practice test in one sitting?

Yes. Your test session is timed. You will have 2.5 hours to complete your practice test. This allotted time is the same as the administration at the Pearson VUE test center.

3. How do I access my practice test?

Purchased practice tests can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available by logging into your NCCAOM account at https://cert.nccaom.org/ . Purchased practice test(s) attempts are available in “Practice Tests” section of your NCCAOM account’s home page.

4. How many questions are on each practice test?

Each Practice test include 100 multiple choice questions.

5. Can I retake the practice test multiple times?

NCCAOM practice tests are designed for one-time use. Once you submit your test for scoring, you will not be able to access the completed  test again. You will only be able to view your feedback report; however, if you purchase a package of two (2) or more attempts you may choose to repeat the same practice test module.

Please note: All module questions (~200) are shuffled before a set of 100 questions is generated and loaded on the user’s device, therefore, if you decide to repeat any module, the new set of 100 questions will be a unique combination of new and old questions. You will never receive the same set of questions nor a totally new set of questions.

6. Does the practice test tell me what answers I got wrong?

The multiple-choice practice tests provide immediate feedback (Correct or Incorrect) for each exam question as candidates go through the test. In addition, a test score as well as a diagnostic breakdown in each domain area is provided at the end of each completed practice test.

7. How can I get help if I have technical difficulties?

If you have technical issues please send an  email to [email protected] and we will get back with you within two (2) business days.

8. How long can I keep my unused practice tests?

Users have one year from the date of Practice Test package purchase to complete all attempts. Unused Practice test attempts expire after one year. You may start your Practice test(s) by logging into your NCCAOM certification account at https://cert.nccaom.org/. Once you are logged in, scroll down to your Practice Tests section and click “Start” to begin the Practice Test from the package purchased.