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Great News!

Official NCCAOM Practice Tests™ have now been upgraded on a new Learning Management Platform. This new platform provides:

  • A new updated, user friendly interface for multiple choice questions
  • Opportunity to purchase a package of practice test attempts that can be used to take different Practice Test modules as well as to take the same Practice Test module more than one time .

This will allow candidates to access more questions to better prepare for the board exams. Please refer to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and Step-by-Step-instructions below for details.

Practice Test Packages

New pricing allows a user to pay for a number of Practice Test  ATTEMPTS. The Practice Test module (ACPL, FOM, BIO, CH)* is chosen by the user at the start of each test attempt.

Package Price
1 Practice Test attempt $75
2 Practice Test attempts $140
3 Practice Test attempts $200
4 Practice Test attempts $250


Earn 5 PDA points per test for successfully passing one or more practice test(s) per recertification cycle. The required documentation includes a certificate of completion for the practice test passed.


It is recommended that ACAHM Approved Schools faculty members sign up for these practice tests to familiarize themselves with the process.

*ACPL –  Acupuncture  with point Location module
FOM   –  Foundations of Oriental Medicine module
BIO     –  Biomedicine module
CH      –  Chinese Herbology module