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A certificate of completion for the face-to-face clean needle technique (CNT) course offered by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) must be on file with the NCCAOM for all Reinstatement Route applicants. If CNT course is on file, CNT course completion date is clearly visible within an individual’s Online Portal in Additional Information section.

In addition, complete the CCAOM online course, Clean Needle Technique (CNT) Review Course: Acupuncture Safety, earned within the four (4) years prior to the Reinstatement application date (not required for Chinese Herbology Certification Reinstatement).

All certificates of completion for the to-face CNT course and the Review Course: Acupuncture Safety must be sent to the NCCAOM directly from the CCAOM.
Please note: CNT verification must be requested from CCAOM only AFTER an application for the new Reinstatement Route has been completed with NCCAOM.
CNT Verification
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