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TCMzone, LLC.
Jennifer Knapp

NCCAOM PDA Provider #1014

The PDA Department would like to congratulate PDA Provider # 1014, TCMzone LLC, as the featured Provider for the January 2024 issue of the PDA Newsletter. TCMzone became one of the first PDA Providers back in 2011 and has since hosted multiple overseas tours in Asia. Aside from traveling across the globe, TCMzone also held many crucial courses on TCM diagnosis, acupuncture treatment, as well as herbal formulas.

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PDA Updates

As we step into the new year, let’s take a moment to recap the significant updates introduced in 2023 within the PDA Department. The past year brought forth advancements and improvements aimed to build an enhanced relationship between the PDA Provider and the Diplomates. These innovative features reflect our commitment to provide higher quality PDA courses to our Diplomates. Feel free to click on any one of the buttons below to review these updates! As we continue our journey into the new year, we look forward to building on these foundations and further empowering our Providers. Thank you for being an integral part of our profession!

NCCAOM PDA Course Participant Attestation:

NCCAOM® PDA Course Participant Attestation allows the Provider/Instructor to demonstrate psychomotor skills/techniques for all online courses. However, there are a couple of criteria that the Provider and participant need to meet:

  1. It is the Provider’s responsibility to include participant attestation on all course registration pages within the Provider’s website.
  2. Participants will need to sign and agree to the attestation before purchasing the course.
  3. The PDA staff will conduct random audits to ensure proper placement of the Course Participant’s Attestation within the Provider’s websites.

NCCAOM PDA Provider Attestation

NCCAOM® PDA Provider Attestation is automatically included in all PDA course applications. However, there are a couple of updates aside from abiding by NCCAOM ethical standards for course materials and advertising:

  1. Under no circumstances shall the Provider award or distribute NCCAOM® PDA Certificates of Completion to any Instructor, Employee, Agent, or staff member who has not attended a presentation.
  2. During the course presentation, the PDA Provider/instructor shall not present, sell, or pitch any service or product that they are affiliated with or receive any form of compensation from, and including discounts.
  3. Providers may still promote their products or services. However, this can only be done after the course has concluded.

NCCAOM PDA Product and Service Disclaimer

NCCAOM® PDA Product and Service Disclaimer. The original Disclaimer contained everything from ethical advertising to proper distribution of PDA Points. However, the new disclaimer is updated to include three additional parts:

  1. PDA Provider may not market or sell products and services to attendees during the course presentation.
  2. Providers are allowed to promote their products only after course completion. Providers will need to attest that they are not going to withhold the NCCAOM® PDA Certificates from participants if the attendees choose to opt out of any promotional presentation after the conclusion of the course.
  3. If the Provider sells any product and/or service, the Provider consents to include the statement below within the Provider’s course registration page. In addition to that, the participant will need to sign and agree to this statement prior to purchasing the course:“I acknowledge and agree that the Provider will be promoting goods and/or services after the course presentation”.
  4. This offers clear transparency to both the Provider as well as the participants so that all parties are fully informed. On top of that, this also gives the Provider an added layer of protection in case any participants come back to complain about the Provider promoting their goods and/or services.

All three documents can be found under the NCCAOM PDA Provider Resources page.


Fee Update Effective Monday, January 1, 2024.

We are excited to announce an update to the PDA fee structure that brings even more value to our services. The last fee adjustment took place in 2018 allowed the transition from a manual paper process to the fully online PDA Provider portal. This enabled our staff to shorten the review time from eight weeks to four to six weeks. Since then, the PDA Department has rolled out the PDA Certificate distribution system, CE Banking, as well as many other benefits for Providers to promote their courses.

The PDA Providers play a pivotal role within the continuing education realm, and that’s why we have kept our pricing steady throughout the pandemic to fully support our Providers. These new changes reflect our commitment to enhancing the Provider’s experience and ensuring quality services. We appreciate your support while we roll out exciting new benefits in the future!

We look forward to continuing this exciting journey together – stay tuned!

New PDA Provider Review
 Initial NCCAOM® PDA Provider Review $370
NCCAOM® PDA Provider Reactivation $200
PDA Course Reviews
Individual Course Review (Fee per course or renewal)
Live Presentation $275
Distance Learning/Online $275
Conference $425
Overseas Tour $425
Annual Discounted Review Packages (includes course renewals)
First 50 $800
First 100 $1,100
First 200 $1,600
First 500 $2,100
PDA Optional Services
PDA Course Spotlight $410
PDA Course Highlight $200
PDA Flyer Distribution $320
PDA Social Media $410
Expedited Review $275


Please email the PDA staff at [email protected]

Promoting Your Course

NCCAOM has six advertising opportunities for Providers:

  • Social Media – Posts will be automatically boosted throughout LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Diplomate Newsletter – sliding banner feature that allows Providers to exhibit their course(s) to over 20,000 Diplomates in the Diplomate Newsletter.
  • Flyer Distribution – allows Providers to target specific audience by promoting their courses in particular states.
  • Course Spotlight – Monthly email blast that consist of 10 courses that is distributed to over 20,000 Diplomates.
  • Course Highlight – sliding banner feature posted on seven different pages on the NCCAOM website.
  • PDA Search Engine – automatic inclusion for all PDA Providers to list their course(s) for practitioners, Diplomates, and state acupuncture board lookup.

Social Media

  • Include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • $400 per course for all three social media platforms, for a period of one week.
  • Provider may specify the week of posting.
  • The Provider has the option to include their picture and/or logo in the social media post.

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Diplomate Newsletter

  • A sliding banner display (identical to Course Highlights) within the Diplomate Newsletter to showcase PDA course(s).
  • The Diplomate Newsletter fee is $400 per course per issue.
  • The Provider has the option to include their picture and/or logo in the Newsletter.

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Flyer Distribution

  • Via email to the active Diplomates within a state and the four (4) immediate surrounding states.
  • The application fee is $300 per distribution.
  • Provider may specify the date of distribution.
  • The Provider has the option to include their picture and/or logo in the flyer distribution.

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PDA Search Engine

  • Free to both Providers and Diplomates!
  • The “Approved Courses” tab contains a master list of courses that are actively approved as well as those that are expired.
  • The “Live Events” tab contains a list of live face-to-face presentations as well as live streaming webinars.
  • The “Distance Learning” tab contains a list of all self-paced distant learning courses.

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Course Highlight

  • A sliding banner display to showcase PDA course(s) on the NCCAOM website.
  • Posted on seven different pages of the NCCAOM website for an entire month.
  • The Course Highlight fee is $200 per course per month.
  • The Provider has the option to include their picture and/or logo in the Newsletter.

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Course Spotlight

  • Monthly email blast to over 21,000 Diplomates.
  • Courses are listed in the order in which the applications are received.
  • Maximum of 10 featured courses per issue.
  • Course Spotlight is distributed on the third Thursday of each month.
  • $400 per course, per posting.

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Tips for successful CE Banking

  • Be sure to confirm the NCCAOM ID # using the NCCAOM Registry!
  • Always ask NCCAOM ID # at the time of account creation and/or course registration:
    • Ensure Diplomates enter their First and Last Name as they appear in the Certification portal.
    • Middle name(s) and/or professional designations are not allowed in the First Name and Last Name fields.
    • The NCCAOM ID # cannot contain any characters, letters or leading zeroes.
    • Ask Diplomates to fill out the Date of Birth field.

Tips to assist the Providers and decrease unnecessary communications with Diplomates:

  • Send an email to participants and ask them to check their First and Last Name, NCCAOM ID #, and Date of Birth.
  • Check the information against the NCCAOM Registry to verify the information.
    • This one-time data cleanup is arduous at first, but it ensures proper registration for all existing participants, which means that they do not need to contact your staff in the future regarding PDA Certificate questions.

PDA Question of the Quarter

January 2024 Question:  

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Did You Know?

We have reached a new milestone! There are over 23,000 approved courses listed in the NCCAOM®PDA Search Engine!