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Chinese Herbal Compounding Safety Certificate of Qualification*

Introducing the NEW NCCAOM’s Certificate of Qualification (COQ).

The program is open to all licensed acupuncturists and herbalists, students, lab technicians, herb pharmacy compounders and any other office staff who compound herbal formulas in their office or retail dispensaries.

Receive 10 NCCAOM PDA points and the NCCAOM CHCS COQ Badge on program completion.

Topics Covered

  • Personnel responsibilities
  • Facilities and equipment sanitation
  • Quality control practices
  • Record-keeping
  • Herbal Compounding Practices
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Complaints and Recalls

* Please note: This COQ program is not a substitute for the current NCCAOM Chinese Herbology exam NOR NCCAOM Certification in Chinese Herbology.

This is a voluntary online program.

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