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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (AHM) school officials may use the information to stay updated on NCCAOM products and services that facilitate quality work in public education. NCCAOM encourages schools to collaborate with other respected educational organizations or agencies.

NCCAOM’s website provides information regarding certification and examination testing procedures as well as the renewal and reinstatement processes. Also our dedicated staff members are available to answer questions on laws, policies, procedures and exam administrative services by phone and/or email.

School Program Performance Report Order Form can be found here.

The NCCAOM hosted a webinar for School Officials on September 14, 2022. To watch the webinar recording please, click here.

Temporary Exception for Graduating Students
ended on December 31, 2021

  • Effective January 1, 2022, all students will be able to submit an application for NCCAOM Certification 60 days prior to their graduation date.
  • After the NCCAOM certification application is submitted, the student’s name will appear on the School’s Portal for a Final Graduation transcript upload as well as on CCAHM portal for CNT course upload.
  • The school official will then upload the student’s Final Graduation Transcript after the graduation, and CCAHM will upload student’s CNT certificate.
  • Once Final Graduation Transcript and CNT certificate are recorded on student’s application for NCCAOM certification and approved, applicant will be approved to test

ACAHM Schools and CCAHM can login to their NCCAOM online account by clicking the button below.

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