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Elimination of the NCCAOM Pre-Graduation Route

Students will no longer be able to test as a pre-grad. As of September 1, 2018, the NCCAOM will only authorize new applicants to test who submit a graduation transcript and a completed CNT certificate via the online portals. This will reduce time and paperwork for both the school officials and the NCCAOM certification processing team and it will save money for the students. By requiring all certification documents prior to testing candidates will be able to be come certified rapidly once they have passed the required certification exams. To facilitate this new policy and process, the NCCAOM is creating a portal for each school official and CCAOM where they will be able to upload student graduation transcripts and CNT certificates directly to the NCCAOM applicant’s profile. The NCCAOM will notify the schools as soon as the school webinar date is set.

During the webinar the NCCAOM will provide instructions for the use of the school and CCAOM portals.

NCCAOM® Has Moved!

The NCCAOM® Board of Commissioners and Staff are pleased to announce that the NCCAOM office headquarters have relocated to Washington D.C.

NCCAOM Has Moved

The new NCCAOM address is as follows:

2001 K Street 3rd Floor North
Washington D.C., 20006

The new phone numbers for the NCCAOM are:
(888) 381-1140 (new toll-free phone number)
(202) 381-1140
(direct phone number)
(202) 381-1141
(main fax)

Please send all correspondence to include overnight mail (such as FedEx and UPS) to the above address, effective immediately. All NCCAOM’s emails will remain the same. Please note:

  • The NCCAOM general email is [email protected];
  • All calls and emails are returned within two business days.

With the launch of the Diplomates Benefits and to better serve and provide added benefits for our Diplomates, Washington D.C. was chosen for its direct access for advocacy and government relations as well as its central location for healthcare associations and organizations.

The NCCAOM leadership is committed to ensuring that this office transition is smooth and seamless as possible for all stakeholder groups. Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support as we further the mission and vision of the NCCAOM.

NCCAOM IS Going Paperless

NCCAOM has created a vision to take our business into the paperless future! The environmental impact of paper production, processing, and distribution as well as the business costs and efficiency losses of using paper has been a major driving factor for us.

Throughout 2017 – 2018, NCCAOM will be partnering with technology experts to ensure that this process is a smooth and seamless transition and there will be several notifications and updates regarding this initiative. We encourage all of you to start preparing for the move toward a paperless environment by visiting our website and becoming familiar with our online application process.


Effective November 15, 2017, paper applications for NCCAOM certification and recertification will no longer be accepted. All candidates who have not yet applied for initial certification and Diplomates who have not yet applied for recertification, will be required to complete an online application.

The NCCAOM is moving forward with paperless application submission in an effort to increase processing efficiencies, reduce risk to our applicants and Diplomates, and help the environment.  After completing the online NCCAOM Recertification Application, Diplomates  should report their PDA/ CEU points  to their Online Recertification Transcript. Detailed instructions on application submission and CE reporting can be found here.