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Volunteer Spotlight

Welcome to the NCCAOM® Volunteer Spotlight! The NCCAOM Committees, Panels and Taskforces, who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners, assist in governing by investigating, deliberating, and analyzing special issues on behalf of the Board.  

Some of NCCAOM’s committee members have served the organization for many years in varying capacities, on various committees, taskforces or panels or as an NCCAOM Board Commissioner. Their work often goes unseen by the public, but they are an integral part of our organization. Periodically we will feature one of our volunteers in our NCCAOM Diplomate E-News You Can Use newsletters. Watch for upcoming Volunteer profiles in future newsletters. We are truly grateful for their work and their service to the NCCAOM.

Learn more about volunteering with the NCCAOM!

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