b'2021 CERTIFICATION ACTIVITIESto the National Commission for Certifying AgenciesAs you can see in Figure 7 below the NCCAOM (NCCA) . This information is not reflective of thehad a total of 19,988 active Diplomates holding former Diplomates reached and brought back to21,086 certificates This is the highest number of active status through the NCCAOM Customeractive certifications in the history of the NCCAOM .Relations outreach efforts to former DiplomatesDiplomates are finding more and more value who have allowed their certification to lapse for 1-3in certification as the Federal government and years or whose certification has terminated afteremployers recognize NCCAOM certification as the non-renewal for three consecutive years . national standard .FIGURE 7: Active Diplomates in Each Certification Program (2018 - 2021)10,742 10,836 10,824 10,8189,7259,0467,7686,7461,200 1,1281,059 1,025180 165 157 1452018 2019 2020 2021l ACl OMl CHl ABTNCCAOM 2021 ANNUAL REPORT 20 DEDICATION IN THE FACE OF DIFFICULTY'