b'2021 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND DISCIPLINEFIGURE 2: PEDC Case Categories Categories are defined as follows:(2018 - 2021)Administrative Order from School or 0 Professional Association: A sanction, order, Administrative Order3 or administrative reprimand from a school from School/Professional7 and/or professional association noting a Association violation of a policy, code or regulation during 4education, training and/or association affiliation relatedAOM .11 Boundary Violations/Unprofessional Conduct: Boundary Violations/Unprofessional Conduct Engaging in sexual or inappropriate contact with 1 a current and/or former patient .1Cheating/Examination Irregularity: Talking or giving information about the examination, 0 phone calls or communication by electronic or Cheating/Examination0 other means with anyone inside or outside of Irregularity 0 the examination room, passing or attempting 0 to pass information of any type to another candidate about the examination, possessing any 8 extraneous items during the examination period, writing on the desk, other furniture, clothing Criminal Conviction 7 or on the test-takers body in the examination 6 room either before or during the examination, 4 impersonating, or attempting to impersonate another candidate, or allowing another person to 7 take the examination on your behalf and failure to report any exam irregularities, cheating, or other Failure to Report 5 inappropriatebehavior .51 Criminal Conviction: The outcome of a criminal prosecution which concludes in a judgment that the defendant is guilty of the crimecharged . 4Failure to Respond0 Failure to Report: An individual has failed to in a timely manner 1 report a regulatory agency sanction and/or criminal act to NCCAOM per the Code of Ethics 0 and Grounds for Professional Discipline . 0 Failure to Respond in a Timely Manner: An individual has failed to respond to requests Fitness to Practice 0 for information in the manner and time frame 0 specified in requests letters .3Fitness to Practice: Practitioners ability to be able to safely and competently practice or treat l 2018l 2019l 2020l 2021 his/her patient . NCCAOM 2021 ANNUAL REPORT 24 DEDICATION IN THE FACE OF DIFFICULTY'